Community Buiding: 001

Series Introduction, John Lothe and CYM chat about Community Building.



This wasn’t stated as well as I had intended in the video. I plan on doing a good majority of my upcoming work on Agorism and Counter-Economics. After speaking with John Lothe a few weeks ago, we decided to spend some time chatting about community building, and begin defining a basic framework to build upon. Check him out on Youtube, if you have been wanting to spend some time reading Tragedy and Hope by Carrol Quigley but find the massive tomb to be daunting, John has you covered.

John Lothe on Youtube:

Please feel free to add to the discussion. Your constructive input is valuable.


Additional reading, viewing.

Resources on Agorism:

John B. Calhoun, wikipedia:

Brett Veinotte, School Sucks Project, Autonomy Through Agorism Series:

Food/Water Resources: (I find sites like these inspiring, ideas that have a model that could be re-tooled, or used as is if it suits the need)

James Corbett, P2P solutions (please get involved if you have something to add. If you are not a subscriber, and find value in the content, please consider becoming a member)

Derrick Broze, Roman Van Ree, Project Dèmos: (Video)

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